Saturday, May 31, 2014

Milwaukee Rock Radio and Record Store Reunion Night 7/19/14 Shank Hall

A get together of anyone that worked at WZMF, WQFM, WLPX and WTOS. Record store employees from Radio Doctors, Mainstream, Peaches,1812 Overture, JR'S Muisc, Atomic .Revisit this great time of commercial album rock radio with DJ'S passionate about music and when we had many record stores with employees passionate about music. We will be playing albums on turntables and open mic for great stories of the era.

The Facebook Event page:

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

1984 Milwaukee Music Calendar Band Photos

From the legendary Steve Amann of ZMF fame comes this 1984 93QFM Milwaukee Music Calendar. A link to a website with the full scan follows. I'm including only the band photos as they are classic period time pieces. The first photo that follows was adjacent to the January calendar and then the second to February etc.

Milwaukee Band
Grey Star

Milwaukee band
Colour Radio

Milwaukee band

Milwaukee Band

Milwaukee Band
Sigmond Snopek and UXB

Milwaukee Band
Short Stuff


Milwaukee band
The Booze Brothers

Milwaukee Band
Kid Courage

Milwaukee band

Milwaukee Band
The Violent Femmes

Milwaukee band
Pat McCurdy and the Men About Town

Milwaukee Band
The R & B Cadets

Inside Back Cover

Back Cover

Here's the website these were stolen from:

Thanks to Steve and Mr. Astrofunk man!

V Scott Beddome

Friday, April 29, 2011

Whoopla Word Cloud

Wordle: Whoopla: The Greatest Rock Radio Stunt Ever

This word cloud was created by taking all the words in the entire book and turning their use into a graphic depiction of their importance. Clearly, this is a Milwaukee story.

Click on it to get a larger view that isn't fuzzy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

93QFM and 94WKTI 1984 TV Commercials

Funny the things you find when you finally get around to cleaning out stuff that has been taking up long forgotten spaces in our attics, basements and garages. In this case it was 1980's VHS tapes of fav television shows that David Doornek just had to watch before he could muster the courage to trash 'em. The revelation came when he realized that the shows didn't interest him at all- but the commercials- well they're a kick!

For the following 94WKTI commercial, I seriously considered extorting a lot of money from Gene Mueller to make this disappear but I came to the conclusion there wasn't enough cash in the world to get me to sit on this! Both morning legends (Reitman too but he likely doesn't give a damn) appear to be SINGING! I've watched it about 20 times so far- still not burnt...

Thanks David! Whodathunk?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bob Reitman Interviews Frank Zappa. WTOS 1968. WZMF 1973.

Bruce Springsteen isn't the only rocker legendary Milwaukee DJ Bob Reitman feels a kinship with. It's clear when you listen to these two interviews that Frank Zappa is a brother too.

My love for these vintage 60's and 70's audio nuggets comes from their raw "cool." They aren't acting like they're hip- they actually ARE. I also love that the comfy communication rappor results in rich content. It's no accident. When the interviewer is ACTUALLY INTERESTED in their subject, as opposed to drawing attention to themselves, they listen to the answers to the questions they asked actively and thus, the conversation is artist focused and draws out meaningful insights.

WTOS 1968 (9:11)

WZMF 1973 (31:27)

Bob Reitman can be heard HERE.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Marty Dempsey for the audio! Marty has two shows on WMSE 91.7 every Tuesday from 3p-6p and Wensday mornings from 3a-6a.